In the 1970s, South Carroll High School's marching band was in the Macy's Parade. Throughout the '80s and '90s, the band won multiple competitions and traveled around the country participating in parades.

By 2004, it was gone.

The time has come, according to the band supporters at the school, to bring it back.

For the last two years, the group has worked with band director John Stevenson to get a marching band up and performing for the fall 2014 season.

"I thought for some reason you could just turn on the marching band," said David Esworthy, co-president of the South Carroll Band Boosters. "It's a long-term process. You have to get the kids interested, the parents interested."

All of the school's musical groups saw a decline in interest and numbers during the early 2000s, according to Stevenson. He cited a variety of reasons for the drop. Century High School opened, depleting part of the school student body. A series of band directors meant there was little consistency in the program.

"It kind of fizzled out," said Stevenson, band director for eight years.

As a freshman, senior Cameron Truitt, 17, had concert band for only half a school year.

"It was OK," Truitt said, of having band half a year. "I definitely like full year better."

With the opening of the school's new art wing four years ago and the continuing stability of having a band director, South Carroll's musical groups have all experienced growth in recent years.

There are approximately 50 members now in the band and 50 in orchestra.

Hopes are high that the when the marching band comes together for band camp next summer, it will have at least 30 students, according to Esworthy.

"We do outreach to the middle schools and elementary schools and to the parents there to make sure they are aware of the opportunities here," Esworthy said.

The efforts seem to be paying off at schools such as Winfield Elementary, Parr's Ridge Elementary; Mount Airy Middle School and New Windsor Middle School.

More students from those feeder schools have been arriving at South Carroll High interested in continuing in the school's music programs during the last few years.

"There are many more freshmen than seniors in the band now," Esworthy said. "When we get the program going, elementary students and middle-school students can see what the program is. It will encourage them to participate in the future and to stick with it."

"I think it is a way to get kids involved and do something productive," Stevenson said. "It also gives back to the community and contributes to school spirit."

Currently, the school has a pep band that plays at home football games. Stevenson has plans to have the marching band play in local parades and at various events.

"We do need to give back to the community," Stevenson said. "It is important for students to see that, too."

New uniforms have been selected and are currently awaiting approval before being ordered. Once the holidays have passed, Stevenson will work on a theme for a halftime show.