"You would love to be around him," she said. "There was never a dull moment."

Friends called Joseph on Saturday night to tell her St. Clair had been stabbed.

"I just started to scream because I couldn't believe," she said, describing how she ran outside in the cold without a coat to try to find him.

St. Clair was a taking an organic chemistry class this semester taught by Victoria Volkis, who said he stood out in a class of 100 as one of the few students who really grasped the material.

"Anytime you see the 'A' grade student, you really remember," Volkis said. "I could see him as a student with a good potential."

St. Clair was a passionate man who occasionally displayed a temper, his brother said. St. Clair was charged with first- and second-degree assault in September, but the first-degree charge was dropped and he was acquitted in January of the second-degree charge and related charges.

"He had a strong belief in God; he thought he was unstoppable because he believed in God. He thought nothing would happen," Isaiah St. Clair said. "All my life, I had to hold him and say, 'Yo, you're not bulletproof.' "

Edmond St. Clair was expecting his first child in April, a girl to be named Shiloh St. Clair, with Rhoda Boateng, Boateng and St. Clair's family said.

Boateng, who was at the St. Clair home in Severn on Sunday evening, said his daughter would be his legacy.

"Just watch out for his baby girl," Boateng said.

Police said university students were warned of the incident through a campus security alert system.

On Sunday morning, the university posted a message from Bell on its website that told of the incident and said, "We had the difficult task overnight of telling the parents of Edmond A. St. Clair their son's injuries resulted in his death ..."

"There is no more heart-wrenching duty for a college administrator than conveying this kind of tragic news to not only parents and loved ones, but everyone in the UMES community. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Edmond's family and friends."

The incident came on the same day as a memorial service in Malvern, Pa., for Stephen Rane, 22, who police say was killed Feb. 12 by a housemate at his College Park residence. Rane, a senior, was a 2009 graduate of Centennial High School in Ellicott City. Police say Dayvon Green, a graduate student, killed Rane and wounded another roommate before killing himself.