Traffic: Major delays on MARC trains during rush hour

The Maryland Transit Administration said MARC train service experienced major delays during Tuesday morning's rush hour, with some disruptions due to late-arriving equipment from other trains.

Train 610 (7:50 a.m., Washington departure) ran up to 33 minutes late after being delayed from its departure due to late arriving equipment off MARC 511, MTA said. There were similar delays on Train 612 (8:20 a.m., Washington departure), due to late arriving equipment off Train 413, MTA said.

Delays were experienced on Train 421 (8:10 a.m. Baltimore departure), because of late arriving equipment off train 408, MTA said. Train 421 operated one car short, MTA said.

The transit authority said that Train 505 (4:40 a.m. Perryville departure) experienced mechanical problems at 6 a.m., near Halethorpe. A crew was able to restart the locomotive and it continued, picking up passengers in Odenton. Then the train stalled again, near Bowie, and efforts to get it restarted were unsuccessful. A rescue locomotive was dispatched from Odenton and the train was pushed with passengers aboard into Washington, about 90 minutes late, MTA said

The failure caused a ripple effect with passenger service, said spokesman Terry Owens. He added that the last load of passengers from Perryville were picked up by Amtrak 183 and were slated to arrive in Washington at 10:40 a.m., about 30 minutes late.

"We don't expect this to have an impact on midday or afternoon service, and we apologize to customers for the inconvenience," Owens said.

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