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Man accused of killing pregnant Howard teacher won't face charges in death of fetus

The Washington Post

A 33-year-old Montgomery County man accused of luring his pregnant girlfriend to a field, shooting her in the back of the head and then making a dramatic public plea for help finding her was indicted Thursday on one count of murder, according to Montgomery County Circuit Court records.

The grand jury indictment against Tyler Tessier was not unexpected. On Sept. 13, he was charged by Montgomery County police with murder in the death of Wilde Lake High School teacher Laura Wallen. He has been held in jail since. The legal action Thursday was part of a regular process of moving cases from Montgomery’s District Court to Circuit Court, where felony cases are handled.

No trial date has been set.

On Friday, Montgomery County State’s Attorney John McCarthy said Tessier would not be charged in connection with any crimes connected to the unborn child. McCarthy said he could not do so because Maryland law requires a fetus to be viable to pursue such charges. McCarthy said Wallen was 14 weeks’ pregnant at the time of her death.

“The defendant is not charge-able” in connection to the unborn child, McCarthy said. “We are bound to follow the law.”

Allen Wolf, the public defender representing Tessier, said his client is innocent of the charges against him. “Although he has made mistakes in his personal life, he cared deeply about Laura Wallen and never would have physically hurt her,” Wolf said.

On Sept. 4, a family member of Wallen reported her missing. The popular 31-year-old teacher, who lived in the northern part of Montgomery County, hadn’t been seen for days by family members. And they couldn’t reach her on her phone.

Police conducted an intense search for Wallen, all the while talking to her longtime on-again, off-again boyfriend, Tessier. They learned that he had another girlfriend to whom he was engaged, but neither she nor Wallen knew about Tessier’s dual relationships.

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