Herring says it "doesn't come as a total surprise" to hear that he made Schaefer's will. Still, he said, "It makes me feel great."

The former governor honored both the Maryland Zoo in Baltimore and the National Aquarium with $2,500 gifts as well as several churches, including Old St. Paul's Church in Baltimore, where his funeral was held.

He left $10,000 to Gary Memorial United Methodist Church in Ellicott City, which is tucked away inside Patapsco Valley State Park and has just 80 worshipers most Sundays. For about six years, Schaefer was among them, in part because his former secretary of human resources, Luther Starnes, was the pastor, and in part because the church was so obscure.

"He enjoyed being a part of our little church because he wouldn't get bothered by people," said the Rev. Timothy Kromer, the current pastor.

Starnes himself will get $5,000.

"He left me so much more than that," Starnes said. "He had a big impact on my life and what it was all about and what I could do to help other people."

Karen Blair, a secretary for Schaefer in City Hall and Annapolis who played a role in protecting him during a 1976 shooting, received $10,000. Blair had phoned Schaefer and warned him to stay inside his office when a gunman looking for the mayor stormed a building serving temporarily as City Hall, according to news reports of the time.

He gave former press secretary Louise Hayman $2,500 and Larry Tolliver, former state police superintendent, $2,000. "That shocks me," he said. "I expected all of his money to go to charity."

Schaefer gave state education Superintendent Nancy Grasmick $2,500 "to use for the educational needs of the children of the State of Maryland, in her sole discretion."

"How nice!" Grasmick said on hearing the news. "It is so like him to be caring … to be doing something for people."

He also left money directly to several academic institutions, including $50,000 to the Hilda Mae Snoops Memorial Nursing Fund at the University of Maryland, named for his late longtime companion. He gave $15,000 to the University of Baltimore William Donald Schaefer Center for Public Policy and $5,000 to his alma mater, the Baltimore City College Alumni Association.

Schaefer left $10,000 each to his second cousin, Verna Hepburn of Rosedale, and his cousin Geraldine Fowler, who lives in Florida. Both were surprised to be included.

Fowler said she and Schaefer were born about a year apart and grew up like brother and sister. She didn't see him much during his busy political years, but resumed talking regularly when they both retired, she said. Last year, Schaefer threw her a 90th birthday party at Charlestown.

"He was hoping he would reach 90, this coming November," she said.

Marty Resnick of Martin's Caterers said he met Schaefer when the politician booked the company for his first fundraiser at the Baltimore Civic Center when he was running for mayor. Schaefer left Resnick $1,000 "as a token of my affection," according to the will.

"I am so touched by what he did," said Resnick, who plans to donate the money to wounded war veterans. "I can hardly talk right now. … It's so touching and meaningful for me that he would think of me in his will."

Former Chestertown Mayor Elmer Horsey, who met Schaefer when they were both mayors, talked to Schaefer by phone about once a week and considered him a good friend. But Horsey wasn't expecting to receive $5,000 in Schaefer's will. "I didn't know a thing about it."

Willard Bankert Sr. served as Schaefer's driver and bodyguard for 13 years after he left the governor's mansion. He remembered how generous Schaefer was when panhandlers would approach him on the streets of Baltimore. He also recalled how Schaefer threw a celebratory dinner at Dalesio's in Little Italy when Bankert's son graduated from the Baltimore County Police Academy. And now, Schaefer has left him $2,500.

"I think I had the opportunity to see a side of Governor Schaefer that most people never got to see," Bankert said, "his tender side."

Baltimore Sun reporter Liz Bowie contributed to this article.

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