April, 23, 1971: as City Council president, announcing his mayoral candidacy

"I know about the city's problems, but I also know what the real possibilities are. There are not any easy solutions. Real solutions depend on the kind of hard work, imaginative planning and decisive action that has characterized Baltimore's recent moves forward. … I don't promise what cannot be delivered. But I can and do promise the people of Baltimore that as mayor I will use all my knowledge and experience to bring Baltimore close to that ideal city which every citizen wants for himself and for future generations."

Dec. 8, 1971: Schaefer becomes mayor for the first time

"Our challenge is to build a city that is clean and safe, with good schools and decent housing — a city that is economically sound and prosperous, where the citizenry is responsible, concerned and productive."

June 20, 1979: on the Hyatt Hotel chain agreeing to build at the Inner Harbor

"No city can stand still. No city can afford to say, 'Our work is finished.'"

June 22, 1979: on his leadership style

"Would you believe I have my nose in everything?"

June 22, 1979: on neighborhoods

"If you help yourself, we'll help you. If you don't help yourself, we're busy in other areas."

July 3, 1980: Harborplace opens

"Harborplace is of, by and for the people of Baltimore."

July 12, 1981: on why he planned to "jump into the tank" after promising to do so if the aquarium didn't open on time

"I'm not swimming for the press. I made that promise to the people. I'm swimming for the people."

July 15, 1981: entering the seal pool at the aquarium

"I'm just a little fish in a big pond."

March 29, 1984: on the Colts leaving

"The trucks were out there, and I think that's the final humiliation. … If the Colts had to sneak out of town at night, it degrades a great city. And I hate to see a grown man cry."

May 29, 1985: complaining that Rouse Co. had let Harborplace tarnish five years after it opened