Really looking forward to the next TV debate

Brown also gets a bonus — an accommodating Democratic legislative leadership that agreed to delay any serious report on Maryland's botched health exchange rollout until well after the election, and probably next year.

Brown, of course, was the O'Malley administration's "point man" on the exchange, which was a messy national embarrassment for months.

As bad as it was, the exchange was not the "unmitigated disaster" that Attorney General Doug Gansler, one of Brown's Democratic opponents, called it.

In fact, it was a mitigated disaster, and thousands more Marylanders ended up getting Obamacare insurance by the end of the first sign-up season.

But the remedy and recovery from the bad start cost the state millions more than it should have.

It remains to be seen if any of Gansler's criticism of Brown's dubious leadership on the health insurance exchange will stick and make a difference with voters.

Heather Mizeur, the Montgomery County delegate and third Democratic gubernatorial candidate, seems to have sparked some real grass-roots enthusiasm this spring.

She and Gansler, a competent and accomplished attorney general, get one more opportunity to slow down the Brown machine on live television.

Marylanders get one more chance to size up all three of them — Monday, 7 p.m., on Maryland Public Television and WBAL-TV.

Like Anthony Brown, I'm really looking forward to it.

No, really.

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