All this on top of Quagliana falling ill on Thursday and leading to 11/2 days being lost. On her return Saturday, she looked terribly uncomfortable, pulling her jacket half-off in the warm courtroom as she questioned a witness, clutching her stomach occasionally and even leaving rapidly for a restroom at one point.

More than a few observers, myself included, wondered about the rush to get Quagliana back to court and the trial concluded. In a case like this when so much is at stake, you want each side to have the benefit of lawyers who at minimum can get through a morning in court. I was uncomfortable with the sense that everything had to wrap up under the original two-week estimate, before the current three-day holiday the case is on. Once it became apparent the trial would have to resume after that, why not take Saturday off and give Quagliana one more day in bed?

The problem with the witnesses and the emails, though, strikes me as a self-inflicted wound. And those witnesses, had they been able to testify, could have helped rehabilitate some previous experts, who I thought were effectively countered in cross-examination.

"We didn't get to hear the defense they would have liked put forward," Snook said, noting that the aforementioned Jack Daniel is a respected forensic pathologist and lawyer himself. Another witness did testify, but was forbidden to raise subjects in the emails.

Snook thinks the defense got lost in the weeds arguing over the cause of death and how CPR rather than blunt force trauma created the bleeding in Love's brain.

"To me, the notion of focusing on CPR doesn't help. The question falls back to: Why was she having CPR anyway?"

At this point, the lawyering is done and no one knows of course how the jury will decide. One thing is clear, though.

There were all sorts of fears going into the trial that Huguely, from a wealthy family — although, by some reports, it could have been overextended even before this landed on its lap — would buy his innocence with a high-priced defense.

I don't how much the defense has cost so far, but maybe what this case shows is money really can't buy everything.

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