"Like they say, if you're lucky enough to live on the water — you're lucky enough," Read said.

Officials with Exelon Power, said that as of 8:45 p.m., 30 crest gates were open at the Conowingo Dam and the water levels were continuing to decrease.

Exelon said it planned to open no more than 33 crest gates — down from 43 on Thursday when the flooding first began — along the spillway to manage the Susquehanna River flow. At the outset of the flood, officials anticipated that they'd have to open all 50 of the floodgates.

"Projections are much lower even than what we had [Friday] night," said Valencia McClure, spokeswoman for Exelon. "We're definitely trinkling down."

In Havre de Grace, life appeared to be back to normal, with residents jogging and walking their dogs in the first pocket of consistent sunshine the area had seen in nearly a week.

"It's kind of like, 'what are you going to do? It's going to happen sometime,'" said Jim Scout, who said his family would just wait for the deep puddles of water to dry in their backyard. The storm was nothing compared to Hurricane Isabel, he said, which soaked the family home in knee-deep water.

"We're just glad that it wasn't as bad as they said it was going to be. But at least we don't have to cut the grass for a couple of days," he said

The minimal damage was also a relief to members of the local Susquehanna Hose Company, who spent the morning pushing back the inch-thick mud, left over from high tides the previous days.

Firefighter Chad Packard said he was prepared for long days and nights in recovery efforts, and was pleased to see the town had made it through the storm mostly unscathed.

"This is good," Packard said. "I get to watch the Ravens game tomorrow."