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911 tapes in exorcism killings: 'Didn't want baby in danger in house'

Police released 911 dispatch tapes Monday that reveal how residents in a Germantown neighborhood tried to draw attention to a bizarre scene where police say two toddlers were killed by their mother and another woman in an exorcism last week.

"The mother came out, she reported that she had something going on and she didn't want her baby to be in danger in the house," a man who had called 911 at 10:14 p.m. on Thursday told a dispatcher.

The man could be heard talking to two women he said were attacking him as he reported the incident. "She seems to be responding to internal stimuli," he said of one woman, confusing the dispatcher who asked him to explain. "I can't tell you that when she's right in front of me," he said, later telling the dispatcher: "She's talking to herself."

The man also asks one woman to "back off" as she apparently confronts him over reporting the incident. "This is my business. A kid in a car for an hour is my business," he said.

Police said that by the time they arrived, the women had taken the baby inside the house and did not open the door when they knocked. On Saturday, they arrested Zakieya Latrice Avery, 28, the mother of the slain 1- and 2-year-olds, and Monifa Denise Sanford, 21, on charges of murder and attempted murder. Two older siblings, ages 5 and 8, were also stabbed and seriously injured but expected to survive.

Police said they did not have enough information to enter the home Thursday night and asked Montgomery County Child Protective Services to visit the townhouse on the 19000 block of Cherry Bend Dr. on Friday. Instead, they received a second 911 call at 9:23 a.m. on Friday.

"In the car outside, there is a knife with blood," a woman said.

The woman said that because there were four children living in the home, she "didn't think anything" of the sounds of "jumping" and "running" she heard. But when she took her own children to school and saw the knife and the car with a door open, she called 911.

"So I don't know if something happened there," the woman said.

Police arrived and found the two younger children dead of multiple stab wounds.

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