Donald F. Norris, chairman of the Department of Public Policy at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County, said he does not think a doomsday plan could pass if it takes big cuts from Baltimore City and Prince George's and Montgomery counties.

"Some people might think that Miller is threatening these jurisdictions: 'Either sign up for increased taxes or I will make sure that your area gets cuts,'" Norris said. "It's highly doubtful that senators from those jurisdictions would accept that threat."

Sun reporter Annie Linskey contributed to this article.

'Doomsday' budget cuts

The $720 million in cuts called for in one Senate budget proposal include:

•K-12 education, $206 million

•Higher education, $151 million

•Local law enforcement grants, $21 million

•Medicaid, $100 million

•Eliminate 500 positions, $30 million

•Eliminate cost-of-living raise, $34 million