Debris fire at Sparrows Point creates large plume of smoke

A debris fire at Sparrows Point created a large plume of dark smoke visible over East Baltimore Monday night.

Firefighters are expected to remain through the night to monitor the site of the old steel mill where a 25-by-25-foot pile of discarded scrap metal, including old air conditioner units and refrigerators, caught fire around 7:30 p.m., said fire department spokesman Lt. Tim Rostkowski. The debris was collected from the site and was going to be loaded onto nearby ships and hauled away, he said.

The area is undergoing extensive renovations by Tradepoint Atlantic, which is building an industrial campus with port, rail, logistics and light manufacturing uses.

Roger Sauerhaft, a Tradepoint Atlantic spokesman, said the company is working with officials in response to the fire.

No injuries were reported. The fire was contained Monday night, but the smoke drew lots of attention.

“It’s a lot of smoke. It’s pretty visible,” Rostkowski said. “It’s like tires. They just burn and burn,” he said of the debris.

Rostkowski said the department didn’t know what caused the fire.

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