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Mount Airy woman wins $26 million Mega Millions jackpot

A Mount Airy woman won a $26 million Mega Millions jackpot this week, state lottery officials announced, and the grandmother of two now plans to buy her first home — a beach house.

Maryland Lottery officials said the 48-year-old woman wished to remain anonymous. She is the first to win a Mega Millions jackpot in nearly a year, since three Maryland public school employees split the $218.6 million portion of a record-breaking $656 million jackpot.

According to the state lottery, the woman's fiancee jokingly told her as they went to bed Tuesday night that they would wake up millionaires. When the woman checked her tickets the next morning, she realized she had won.

She is retired and watches her grandchildren, and joked to her daughter that she would only be able to keep watching the children if they were at the beach house she plans to buy. It will be the first time anyone in the family has owned a home, the woman told lottery officials.

The gas station that sold the ticket, Mt. Airy Shell at 649 Lakeview Dr., will also get a $26,000 award.



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