17. If you were to use just a word or a short phrase to say what factor will help you make up your mind, what would it be? (See open-ended verbatim responses at end of Questionnaire.)

Economy/ Jobs: 20%

Further information on candidate’s positions/record: 12%

More positive advertising/less negativity: 9%

Honesty/integrity of candidate: 6%

Education: 4%

Health care: 4%

I’m against Democrats/I’m a conservative: 3%

Environment: 3%

Start over with new people: 3%

Taxes: 3%

Other: 17%

Don’t know/not sure : 25%

(All voters outside of Anne Arundel skip to Q.21.)

Anne Arundel Question A

(Anne Arundel only):

18. Currently, video lottery facilities – or slots – are not allowed anywhere in Anne Arundel County. If Question A is approved, it will approve zoning that will allow slots at an industrial park or regional commercial complex – like the proposed site near Arundel Mills Mall.  Do you plan to vote for or against Question A?