Firm: 83%

Could change mind: 17%

Not sure/Refused: *%


Firm: 84%

Could change mind: 15%

Not sure/Refused: 1%

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(If leaning or undecided):

11.  If you were to use just a word or a short phrase to say what factor will help you make up your mind, what would it be? (See open-ended verbatim responses at end of Questionnaire.)

Economy/economics/getting a job: 18%

Honesty/integrity of candidate/honesty of the ads: 13%

Finding out their positions/need more information/what will candidate do?: 13%

Taxes: 6%

Education: 4%

Will discuss it with friends/family: 2%

My personal values/ candidate’s stand on social issues: 2%

Candidate who runs positive campaign: 2%

Immigration issues: 2%