Not sure/Refused: 12%


(All base sample):

5. From what you have seen, do you think the economy in Maryland is (randomize): [getting better, getting worse, (or) staying about the same]?

Better: 20%

Worse: 44%

Same: 31%

Not sure: 6%

6. As you look at your own household’s financial situation today, would you say money is something you worry about or not?  (If worried): Do you worry about it every day or only sometimes?

Worry every day: 25%

Worry sometimes/Unsure how worried: 39%

Do not worry: 33%

Not sure/Refused: 3%

7. Will your feelings about the economy change the way you vote this year, or won’t it make a difference in how you vote?

Will change the way you vote: 55%

Won’t make a difference: 39%

Not sure/Depends/Refused: 5%