Not sure: 7%


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21. Would you favor or oppose adding so-called table games like blackjack, roulette, and craps to Maryland’s slots facilities?

Favor: 42%

Oppose: 43%

Not sure: 14%

22. Imagine for a minute that the Redskins and Ravens were to meet in the Super Bowl. If that happened, who would you root for?

Ravens: 51%

Redskins: 31%

Root for both (Volunteered): 1%

Don’t care (Volunteered): 12%

Not sure: 5%

23. Have you seen the new Maryland license plate that features Fort McHenry and bombs bursting in air?  (If yes): Compared to the other Maryland license plates that are available, do you like the new design more, less, or about the same?

Like it more: 23%

Less: 12%

Same: 19%