Job Performance

1. During Martin O’Malley’s time as governor, have things in Maryland generally (randomize): [gotten better, gotten worse, (or) stayed about the same]?

Better: 25%

Worse: 38%

Same: 28%

Not sure: 9%

2. Looking back now on Bob Ehrlich’s time as governor, did things in Maryland generally (randomize): [get better, get worse, (or) stay about the same] while he was in office?

Better: 28%

Worse: 33%

Same: 26%

Not sure: 13%

3. As far as you are concerned, do most of your incumbent officeholders at the state and local level deserve to be re-elected this year, or are you likely to vote mostly for new people?

Re-elect incumbents: 34%

New people: 43%

Not sure/Refused: 22%

4. In the state and local elections this fall, do you plan to vote for more (rotate): [Republicans or Democrats]?

Republicans: 30%

Democrats: 46%

Split ticket/Vote the person, not the party (Volunteered): 13%