Estimated 300K people attend Towsontown Festival

Organizers of the Towsontown Spring Festival said Monday that this year's edition of the annual celebration held last weekend was largest festival in its 46-year history.

"We're confident that we broke probably every record we had for the entire weekend — Saturday, Sunday, and as a whole," Todd Huff, chairman of the Towsontown Spring Festival and County Councilman for the 3rd District, said. "Carnival rides were a great hit, the music venues were great hits and there was a sea of people for the entire weekend in Towson."

Nancy Hafford, executive director of the Towson Chamber of Commerce, said improvements such as the carnival rides, free admission to the areas featuring beer and live music and new food vendors combined to bring in an estimated 300,000 visitors to the Towson area.

The most important aspect, however, was the weather.

"We can make it a great festival, but the weather was so beautiful this weekend," Hafford said. "With last week being rainy, and then people know it was getting cold this week — they knew they just had a perfect weekend to get out."

"The weather was cooperative for us, and my thanks and kudos go out to all the volunteers who go out and help us for the entire weekend," Huff said.

Hafford said around 600 volunteers helped the festival run smoothly.

"Without them, we couldn't pull this off," Huff said.

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