Pool at new Towson Y closed due to chlorine levels

A letter sent out to members states the Baltimore County Department of Health has shut down the family fun pool at the Orokawa Family Center Y in Towson because of high chlorine levels, the latest in a series of pool closures at the $13 million Y since it opened last month.

According to the letter sent Friday from Chief Operating Officer Bob Brosmer and district executive director Dawn Chrystal-Wolfe, the closures are due to what they say is a new "interpretation" by Baltimore County of a state regulation.

According to the letter, both the saltwater lap pool and the saltwater family fun pool have been closed "several times since the opening of the new Y." The letter goes on to say that the issue is with the combined chlorine levels, which consist of the chloramines that atop the water surface and in the air.

County health department spokeswoman Monique Lyle confirmed in an email Friday that the pool was closed, and said it could reopen after the combined chlorine level is lowered and the pool is re-inspected.

Y officials state in the letter that the 15 pools the Y operates in its Central Region are operated "by the highest possible safety and quality standards," and the Towson facility has "been working tirelessly to address this situation … ."

The letter stated those standards used for regulating chlorinated pools are difficult to achieve in saltwater and in more shallow pools such as Towson's family fun pool, though the Y's lap pool is up to code.

"Needless to say, we are very frustrated and concerned over this situation," Brosmer and Chrystal-Wolfe said in the letter. "It impedes our members' experience in a way that is unacceptable to us. Although we strongly disagree with the newly determined standard, we have worked very hard to meet it."

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