Christmas tree lighted, the Clauses arrive, marking start of Winterfest in Towson

Nearly 1,000 people lined the streets of downtown Towson to welcome Mr. and Mrs. Claus and celebrate the Baltimore County Christmas tree lighting at Olympic Park Friday, according to Towson Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Nancy Hafford.

"It went extremely well," Hafford said. "We had more kids than we've had before, and we had a lot more food because of all the different restaurants that came out. Everything went off without a hitch."

The tree lighting event, which featured Santa and his wife arriving on a fire truck and food from a variety of different Towson restaurants, was a "nice showcase for our community," Hafford said.

While the typical full slate of special events and shop sales on the Winterfest calendar will begin soon, Hafford said downtown Towson businesses will carry on the holiday spirit created Friday with a tree decorating contest.

Hafford said 35 trees were delivered Monday to area businesses who are decorating a tree.

"By Thursday, people should see decorated Christmas trees all throughout the streets of Towson," Hafford said.

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