Police: 23 citations issued during Tigerfest weekend

Baltimore County police issued 23 citations related to Towson University's Tigerfest but made no arrests, police spokeswoman Cathy Batton said Monday.

Batton credited "saturation patrols," made possible by a university grant to the county police, for keeping the April 27 event under control.

"There were no violent incidents connected to Tigerfest, and we have not received any complaints from the community about behavior that we were not addressing through our saturation patrols," Batton said.

She added that when the county receives a grant, the goal is to be "proactive and preventative" in addressing community concerns, and that the low numbers show that those who did celebrate Tigerfest did so in a largely respectful manner.

Last year, police said 42 people were charged with civil or criminal offenses during the annual Towson University event.

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