Towson High stages grand production of 'Sound of Music'

Joe Kimball, who directed "The Sound of Music" at Towson High School last weekend, knew that when they chose such a grand and complicated musical, the potential for the show to flop was always there.

But even after some tense moments in rehearsals, Kimball said the show came together successfully, further bolstered by comments overheard in the lobby after the curtains closed.

"I would hear audience members say, 'That's the best school performance I've ever seen,' " Kimball said.

"That tells you it happened, it really came together," he added. "When it does come together, it's really special. The audience knows it, the cast knows it, everyone's just like, 'This really came together well.' "

Pat Brown, who chairs the English department and supervises the drama program at Towson High, said the students performed before a full house of nearly 500 people at each of the Friday, Saturday, and Sunday shows.

Brown thought the show was "terrific," but said she was most proud of how representative it was of all aspects of the school's student body."

"That was one of the greatest things about it," she said. "We had a huge cast, we had a large pit orchestra, we had the opportunity for a lot of kids to be invovled in the show."

The next show at Towson High school will be performances by seniors during the Actor's Showcase, on May 7 at 7 p.m. For more information go to

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