Deuber would go on to become a radio and television announcer under the name Jack Dawson.

Bevans said he really didn't get involved with the Class of '53 until its 25th reunion.

He's been leading the charge for every reunion since then. He calls himself a 's a very organized person. , he said. He couldn't resist the project, even though it takes eight months of emails and phone calls all over the country.

"I know my classmates so much better now that I've been doing this," he said. "I guess I was a late bloomer."

In the 1953 yearbook, William Bevans said his "ambition was to be in a big-time band." After Towson High, he graduated with a degree in organ from Peabody Conservatory.

He went into teaching in Baltimore County, then school administration, eventually becoming a principal at Holabird Middle School. After retiring in 1992, he worked for several churches as an administrator or music director.

He performs now with a small singing group, A Little Knight Music, in various senior centers, clubs and retirement communities.

He's been married to the former Eileen Ott, of Baltimore, for 38 years. They have two daughters, Katherine, who graduated Towson High in 1995, and Ann, Towson's Class of 1993, and one grandson.

Barbara Orbock sent a letter to the 57 members of the class who signed up for the reunion:

"We were farm kids, blue collar and white collar kids, thrown together for four formative years in the newest state-of-the-art high school in the county …"

Life was simpler in 1953, she wrote. "Pot was an object to cook in, grass was synonymous with lawn, Coke was the world's best soda, and drugs were medicines dispensed by pharmacists ...

"We were blessed to grow up in such a time. No, we had no Internet, cell phones, the latest in sports paraphernalia, limos on prom nights or parents who hassled teacher to raise our grades.

"What we had was hope, civility, a sense of belonging and fun."