Citizens on Patrol groups honored at downtown Towson celebration

More than 100 people arrived early before Towson's weekly Feet on the Street celebration Friday night to honor local residents and law enforcement officials at the Towson Area Citizens on Patrol Rally Against Crime.

"It went very well," Pat France, vice president of the Towson Area Citizens on Patrol, said. "The weather couldn't have been any better, (and the volunteers) were so appreciative. They don't ever get recognized … but they do an awful lot of good work."

Among the honorees were members of the Affiliated Sante Group, a nonprofit mental health agency that works with the Baltimore County Police Crisis Response Team, members of the county Police Department's Mobile Crisis Team and Workplace Violence Team, the Towson Precinct's Community Action Team, and TACOP Youth Ambassador Patrick Kammar, of Towson.

France said the event's partnership with Feet on the Street brought attention to the community crime-fighters' mission, and some people sought more information on how to get involved in their local COP groups.

The only thing that was missing was the fire truck scheduled to be at the event so children could have their pictures taken.

"There was a fire engine going around the circle while we were pledging allegiance and we said, 'Well, there goes our fire truck,' " France said.

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