Swimming: Unbeaten Hampton and revenge-minded Stoneleigh heading into Trophy Meet with different expectations

Hampton coach Liz Harlan knew that if her team "focused on a Hammerhead finish" against Stoneleigh on July 18, a new Free State Swim League regular-season champion would be crowned.

Much to her delight, the Hammerheads came through with just enough effort to edge the Sharks, 258-245, to cap off an unbeaten season and deal Stoneleigh its only setback of the summer.

Given that result, the teams will head into the Trophy Meet on Monday with different prospects.

The Sharks still have a chance to salvage a very good season with a strong showing at Hillcrest Swim Club, in Parkville, the site of the meet while hoping to avenge the loss to Hampton and emerge with the title.

The Hammerheads, on the other hand, can enjoy the season-ending event knowing they have nothing left to prove.

"We haven't ever finished higher than fourth in the Trophy Meet," Harlan said. "Our team is too small. We just don't have the numbers some of the bigger teams, like Stoneleigh, do."

Harlan said a pep talk before the final — and deciding — event in the Stoneleigh meet, the boys mixed 100-yard freestyle relay, may have helped the Hammerheads prevail.

"I didn't know exactly what the score was, but I told them just to swim their hearts out," she said, referring to Peerce Nozieka, Alex Blair, Jake Volk and J. P. Clancy.

Below are top-three finishers in each age-group from the Hampton-Stoneleigh meet:

15-18 girls

Melissa Dorsch (H, 1st 50-yard backstroke, 2nd fly), Molly Farrugia (S, 2nd back) K.C. Paltell (S, 1st 50 butterfly), Cristiana Salvatori (S, 1st 100 freestyle and individual medley), Bella Salvatori (S, 1st 50 breaststroke, 2nd IM), Marley Swisher (S, 2nd free, 3rd back), Amanda Duckett (H, 3rd free), Aly Yarcony (S, 3rd fly), Kara Kleinhammer (H, 3rd breast), Jordan Krasauskas (H, 3rd IM)

15-18 boys

J. P. Clancy (H, 1st back and fly), Finny Dorsch (H, 1st free and breast), Brady Badmington (H, 3rd breast), Kevin Blum (H, 1st IM, 2nd free), Ian Sillars (S, 2nd breast, 3rd fly), Jasper Igusa (S, 3rd IM), Nick Deignan (S, 2nd fly, 3rd free), Josh Burton Prately (H, 2nd back, 2nd IM), Andrew Stringfellow (S, 3rd back)

13-14 girls

Mary Kate Clancy (H, 1st 100 free, 50 back), Elle Henderson (S, 1st 100 IM and 50 fly), Marsie Salvatori (S, 2nd free, 1st breast), Morgan Kollman (H, 3rd free), Miranda Janello (S, 2nd back, 3rd 50 fly), Hannah Dorsch (H, 2nd breast and fly), Maura Neely (H, 3rd breast), Ashley Matz (H, 3rd IM and fly), Emma Ryan (H, 3rd IM), Maddie Eckels (H, 3rd back)

13-14 boys

Jake Volk (H, 1st free and breast), Louis Lowenthal (S, 1st IM and back), Luke Jones (S, 2nd breast), Cole Roseborough (S, 3rd breast), Aidan Ryan (S, 3rd IM and back), Chris Pilotte (S, 1st fly, 2nd free), Jonas Byars (S, 3rd free), Nick Burton Prately (H, 2nd IM and back), J.D. Rogers (S, 2nd fly), Payton Williams (H, 3rd fly)

11-12 girls

Caroline Blum (H, 1st 50 back, 2nd fly), Lillian Lowenthal (S, 1st 100 IM and 50 fly), Sam Duckett (H, 1st 50 breast, 3rd IM), Lexi Jones (S, 1st 50 free, 2nd back and fly), Emily Wolff (H, 2nd IM, 2nd free), Natalie Marx (S, 3rd breast), Lindsay Wiglesworth (S, 2nd breast), Erin Dorsch (H, 3rd free and back), Lexi Kollman (H, 3rd fly)

11-12 boys

Alex Blair (H, 1st 50 fly), Oliver Wolff (S, 1st free, 3rd fly), Phillip Wies (H, 1st free and back), Avery Merlo (S, 1st breast, 2nd IM), Tim Loeffler (S, 1st IM, 2nd free), Wyatt Hales (S, 2nd back and fly), Jack Corbett (S, 2nd breast), Koby Bonta (H, 3rd breast), Joseph Ayd (H, 3rd IM), Samuel Madder (H, 3rd back)

9-10 girls

Lauren DeSantis (H, 1st 25 back and 25 fly), Ava Ott (H, 1st 50 free, 3rd back), Alex Volk (H, 1st 100 IM, 2nd free) Siena Twiss (S, 2nd back), Kate Merlo (S, 1st 25 breast, 3rd IM), Laney Cornelius (S, 2nd IM, 3rd free), Elizabeth Swift (S, 2nd breast), Madeline Till (S, 2nd fly, 3rd fly), Charlotte Messaris (H, 3rd breast and IM), Elle Scherer (S, 2nd fly)

9-10 boys

Garett Hatz (H, 1st fly), Peerce Nozeika (H, 1st free, 2nd IM) Hunter Tipton (S, 1st breast, 2nd free), Nathan Whitman (S, 1st back and IM), Sean Mathias (S, 2nd breast, 3rd fly), Landon Jones (S, 3rd free), Vincent Igusa (S, 2nd fly, 3rd IM), Mitch Boudreau (S, 3rd free), Cole Snyder (H, 3rd breast), Michael Dorsch (H, 2nd back), Josh French (H, 3rd back), Justin Layug (H, 2nd fly)

7-8 girls

Charlotte Bolt (H, 1st back, 3rd fly), Izzy Dernetz (H, 1st free, 1st (tie) breast), Josie Scherer (S, 2nd free and back), Riley Gerbereaux (S, 2nd fly, 3rd free), Lauren Karwacki (S, 1st fly), Maggie Corbett (S, 1st (tie) breast), Molly Wagner (S, 3rd breast), Grace Thrush (H, 3rd back)

7-8 boys

Drew French (H, 1st fly), Matthew Dorsch (H, 1st breast, 2nd back), Ryan Snyder (H, 1st free and back), Sam Swift (S, 2nd free, 3rd back), Will Lehman (S, 3rd free), Samuel Whitman (S, 2nd breast and fly), Kyle Tipton (S, 3rd breast), Charlie Bollinger (S, 2nd back), Thomas Weinhold (H, 3rd fly)

6-U girls

Kenleigh Tipton (S, 1st 25 back), Leah Goldstein (H, 2nd back), Adrienne Warren (H, 1st 25 free and 25 back), Sydney Swift (S, 2nd free), Sydney Turk (H, 3rd free),

6-U boys

Brayden Weinhold (H, 1st back), Patrick Corbett (S, 2nd free and back), Julian Joseph (S, 1st free), Matthew Ayd (H, 3rd free), Sam Till (S, 3rd back)

Winning Relays

Girls Mixed Medley – Hampton (Caroline Blum, Alex Volk, Mary Kate Clancy, Melissa Dorsch)

Boys Mixed Medley – Hampton (Michael Dorsch, Kevin Blum, Alex Blair, Nick Burton-Prately)

8 and Under – Hampton (Izzy Dernetz, Matthew Dorsch, Sophie Christoff, Ryan Snyder)

Girls Mixed Free – Stoneleigh (Siena Twiss, Elle Henderson, Lillian Lowenthal, Cristiana Salvatori)

Boys Mixed Free – Hampton (Alex Blair, Peerce Nozeika, Jake Volk, J.P. Clancy)

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