Baltimore County

Baltimore County warns against summer crime

Baltimore County Police on Thursday warned residents and business owners about the different types of crime that occurs during the summer months, and what they can do to prevent them.

Most of the defenses are “commonsense measures,” police said, such as locking all doors and windows, keeping areas well lit, and locking bicycles up.

Police also warned elderly residents against scammers and deception burglars who pose as workers of gas or utility companies. The scammers can also pose as friends or relatives of neighbors and gain entry that way.

A separate set of warnings was issued for business owners, highlighted by a recommendation to keep facilities well lit and locked.

Police recommended that businesses review their security policies and take particular vigilance when business gets slow.

Residents that live near neighborhood merchants can also help prevent burglaries, police said.

“Detectives from the Burglary Unit suggest using better lighting, locks and other devices to keep out thieves,” police said in the announcement. “However, there is one deterrent to burglary that often goes unnoticed: the unsuspecting witness, the casual passerby.”

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