Stoneleigh construction triggers polling place move for two Towson precincts

Residents who typically vote at Stoneleigh Elementary School — closed this year for a renovation and expansion project — will cast their ballots in on Election Day on Nov. 6 at Towson High School or Dumbarton Middle School.

County Councilman David Marks, who represents Towson, this month sent out an email to residents in that area informing them of the change.

Stoneleigh traditionally has been the polling place for two local election precincts. Voters from Precinct 9-13, who normally would vote in Stoneleigh's gymnasium, instead will vote in the Towson High School cafeteria. Voters from that precinct generally come from north of Regester Avenue, east of York Road, south of Worcester and Yarmouth Road, and west of the Country Club of Maryland, Glenkirk Road and Loch Hill Road.

Voters from Precinct 9-14, who regularly vote in Stoneleigh's cafeteria, will instead vote in the gym at Dumbarton Middle School. Voters in that precinct come from addresses south of Regester Avenue, east of York Road, west of Loch Hill Road and north of the Baltimore City Line.

Marks said in his email that voters in these precincts will be officially notified of the new locations later this month.

Stoneleigh is closed for the 2012-13 academic year, and its students are being taught this year at the old Carver Center building.

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