Weekend vandalism spree reported in Southland Hills

The West Towson neighborhood of Southland Hills experienced a spate of vandalism early this past Sunday morning, Oct. 14, according to Southland Hills Improvement Association President Therese McAllister.

McAllister said the incidents followed a recent trend.

“About a month ago this started, it began in the neighborhood with the destruction of mailboxes,” she said. “About two weeks ago, that escalated to the scratching of automobiles. This past weekend, they upped the ante on their weekend — multiple acts of property destruction and attempted break-ins.”

McAllister said she visited the affected homes Monday and seven vehicles were vandalized and two homes were damaged, and a house on Woodbine Avenue saw an attempted break-in.

According to a timeline distributed to the community through an email group by McAllister, four cars on Carolina Road were ransacked and had their car seats slashed, though only one such incident — in the 400 block of Carolina Road — was filed as a police report as of Tuesday morning.

In that instance, the vehicle owner said he left his vehicle unlocked, and the mirrors were pushed in and windshield wipers stood up on a neighbor’s car.

Lieutenant Randy Guraleczka of the Towson precinct said Tuesday that other reports may have been filed online.

According to McAllister, on Dixie Drive a fifth car was vandalized and a sixth had its windshield wipers removed. Also on Dixie, glass was broken from a storm door.

And a bottle of wine was removed from a car and sent through a second plate glass window in the 300 block of Dixie Drive, she said. According to the corresponding police report on that incident, officers responded 2:48 a.m. after the resident was awoken by the sound of shattered glass in her foyer.

In the evening’s final incident, police responded to a home in the 400 block of Woodbine Avenue, where several windows were broken on the home.

According to the police report, a resident said his wife let the dog out at 2:40 a.m. Sunday and returned upstairs approximately five minutes later. At approximately 2:50 a.m., the man heard windows being smashed and ran outside, but did not see anyone.

A window on the attached garage was smashed, and the shovel used to break two windows and a screen near the home’s kitchen was still lodged inside one of the windows when officers responded.

A police K9 unit responded and followed a trail from Woodbine Avenue westbound along the fence between Chesapeake Avenue and Versailles Circle, but lost the scent off Versailles.

Guraleczka said there wasn’t much to investigate on the three incidents reported to police, but the midnight shift planned to increase patrols in the neighborhood going forward.

He urged residents to lock their cars and not hesitate to contact police if they see something suspicious in the area.

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