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Be on the lookout for the 'fluffy adorableness' of Rio the guide dog [Rodgers Forge]

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Anne McLaughlin Zimet is a volunteer puppy raiser for Guiding Eyes for the Blind. That's her real title. That sounds like a dream job for us canine-loving folks. For the next year and a half, Anne will be raising Rio, an adorable 12-week-old German Shepherd puppy. At the conclusion of her time training Rio, he will receive formal training to be a guide dog. If Rio doesn't quite master the fine art of guiding, he will be evaluated for other equally impressive jobs, such as drug detection, bomb detection or other exciting careers.

Anne's training involves exposing Rio to as many new people, places and things as possible and to help him to develop good manners. So far he can follow hand commands to sit, lie down, stand and heel — and that was all in just his first three weeks with Anne!

He sounds pretty smart and capable. But here's the thing about Rio, if you see him around the neighborhood be sure to admire him from afar so that he can focus on Anne's commands. You'll recognize him by his fluffy adorableness and his blue scarf that reads, "Guiding Eyes for the Blind." Hopefully, in a couple of months he will graduate from scarf to vest. Good luck to Anne and Rio.

Rodgers Forge Elementary School third graders hosted a Living Museum on Friday, April 7. Each child in the third grade researched a person whom they admire then created a comprehensive display highlighting the accomplishments of the person, a timeline of the person's life, and interesting facts and tidbits about, as well as pictures of, the person. The best part is they even dressed up as their hero for the event.

Maren Blanks chose the amazing Malala Yousafzai because, in her words, "she spoke out not only for her own rights but for the rights of all the other girls in Pakistan to go to school. And even when it was dangerous and after they shot her, she still kept speaking out."

Lila Hausner was a very presidential Barack Obama. She admires him because, according to her research, "he created the Affordable Care Act, saved the auto industry, dropped veteran homelessness rates by 50%, and improved school nutrition."

Eli Moayedi was New York firefighter Stephen Siller, who was headed out to play golf with his brothers on 9/11 when he heard about the planes and ran a mile and half through the Brooklyn Battery Tunnel to the Twin Towers carrying 65 pounds of gear, arriving just as the second tower collapsed, causing his death. Eli chose Stephen Siller because, "he was a fireman and a hero and I want to be like him," he said.

In addition, Nora Smith was famed prairie adventure writer, Laura Ingalls Wilder; Ali Altemos was elegant former first lady, Jackie Kennedy Onassis; and Harper Jackson was French fashion designer and businesswoman, Coco Chanel. All of the students did a terrific job researching their heroes and highlighting their accomplishments.

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