Hearing for Recher liquor board challenge scheduled for April 22

A hearing is scheduled for next month in a Towson law firm's challenge of the Recher Theatre's liquor license, Baltimore County officials said Thursday.

Liquor Board Chief Administrator Mike Mohler said the hearing, which is the result of a petition filed by the Towson-based Law Offices of Charles E. Brooks, will be held at 2 p.m. on April 22.

"I've been a resident of Baltimore County for the last half century, and Towson's alteration is really a problem," Brooks said. "To have a nightclub? What does that bring to Towson? What is affirmative about that?"

The Recher Theatre, which has been a live music venue since the late 1990s, announced last month that it would close at the end of March to allow for a transformation into Torrent Nightclub.

Brooks said he is representing 13 Towson-area residents or business owners who oppose the switch and want to revoke the liquor license should the venue become a nightclub.

The petitioners list addresses in Towson, Lutherville, and Parkville. Two of the signees, including Charles Brooks, list the Bosley Avenue address of Brooks' law firm, while his partner, Jean Kosloski, also signed with a different Bosley Avenue address.

The remaining signatures list residential addresses.

According to Mohler, county liquor licenses expire on April 30 each year, but any resident can protest a renewal as long as the protest is submitted in writing and at least 30 days before April 30.

"The only real criteria is it has to be signed by at least 10 residents or owners of real estate in the election district…and that was done," Mohler said. Based on that petition, the board must hear a case for renewal by May 1, when the new license must be issued.

In an interview earlier this week, Recher Theatre co-owner Brian Recher said the challenge would not alter their plans to close after a final concert on Sunday, March 30.

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