Mercy sophomore's video shows love of Ravens to sister school in San Francisco

Mercy High School sophomore Maura Ford combined her video-making skills with a love of the Baltimore Ravens to send a message to Mercy's sister school in San Francisco a few days before the Ravens meet the San Francisco 49ers in Super Bowl XLVII.

The bottom line of the 15-year-old Towson resident's video is: "Good luck, 49ers. You're going to need it."

Ford's visuals are only part of an exciting weekend for Mercy, which will meet archrival Institute of Notre Dame in the "Big Game" basketball battle between the two schools at Towson University on Friday night.

About 4,000 fans were expected for the 7:20 p.m. tip-off at the Towson Center, which is, coincidentally, the 47th game of the annual matchup that began in 1967, the same year that the Super Bowl started.

After the game, Mercy fans can concentrate on rooting for the Ravens to beat the 49ers and winning a wager with San Francisco's Mercy High.

Principals Peg D’Agostino, of Mercy Baltimore, and Dorothy J. McCrea, of Mercy San Francisco, have agreed that the losing principal will wear the jersey of the winning team and will send crabs to the winner, setting up another competition between Maryland blue crabs and San Francisco Dungeness crabs.

Ford began making videos as a seventh grader when she discovered an application on an Apple MacBook that she said was easy to use.

"I love making videos," she said. "And with this app, you can be very creative."

Still, time constraints on the Super Bowl video made it a daunting task.

After she was asked by the Student Council moderator to make the video in response to a similar effort by Mercy, of San Francisco, the pressure was on.

"I usually take two or three weeks to make one," she said. "I was really freaking out."

When asked if she would rather see the Mercy Magic basketball team beat IND or see the Ravens prevail in New Orleans on Sunday, Maura made a prediction instead.

"We lost to IND last year, and I was so upset," she said. "So, I'll just say Mercy is going to win and the Ravens are going to win."

As a prognosticator, Maura was spot-on for the first game.

The Magic won easily, 42-28.



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