Purple and Orange Friday in Baltimore County

Baltimore County Executive Kevin Kamenetz led a group of county employees in purple and orange cheers on the steps of the Historic Baltimore County Courthouse on Friday. Earlier this week, Kamenetz urged employees and citizens to sport orange and purple colors today in support of the Ravens and Orioles. (Staff photo by Jon Sham / September 21, 2012)

Earlier this week Baltimore County Executive Kevin Kamenetz encouraged county employees to come to work today in their finest Purple and Orange — and this morning dozens of employees complied — and joined together for a cheer.

Kamenetz had urged employees to root for the Baltimore Orioles and the Baltimore Ravens in anticipation of "an incredible weekend of sports" in which both franchises are facing teams from Boston/New England.

On Friday, the Orioles are opening a three-game series against the Red Sox in Boston; and on Sunday night, the Ravens are hosting the New England Patriots at M&T Bank Stadium.

Last year, the Orioles knocked the Red Sox out of the playoffs in a dramatic game at the end of the year; and this past football season, the Patriots knocked the Ravens out of the playoffs in the AFC title game.

In an email and press release this week, the county executive told employees to "grab that Ravens jersey, find that Orioles hat, look for that orange scarf, and let's show the world that no one roots harder for the Ravens and the Orioles than our employees and all of the people in Baltimore County."

On Friday, county employees not only turned out in purple and orange gear, but stepped outside the County Office Building to give a cheer for both teams.

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