Osler Drive in Towson to be closed this week

Osler Drive will be closed this week between Cross Campus Drive and Towsontown Boulevard to allow for expedited construction of a pedestrian bridge that will connect the university’s West Village residential area with the rest of campus.

The construction, which will take place while students are off campus for spring break, aims to keep students from crossing Osler Drive at street level and creating traffic issues during the day.

University officials said at a recent Greater Towson Council of Community Associations meeting that the bridge and surrounding walkways will funnel students to the bridge, and make it difficult for them to cross Osler Drive at other points.

When construction begins at 12 a.m. Monday, March 17, Osler Drive will be closed until the work is completed. During that time, emergency vehicles traveling east on Towsontown Boulevard will be directed to Emerson Drive, through West Village Commons until reaching Osler Drive.

Weather conditions could delay the re-opening of the road, but Osler Drive is scheduled to reopen Friday, March 21, university officials said.

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