Writing column for Rodgers Forge been 'labor of love' [Rodgers Forge]

My friends, I am delighted to be back writing to you. My recuperation from hip surgery went very well and I am again "up and running." In my absence, Karen Arnett de Rodriguez did a terrific job of writing about Rodgers Forge, a neighborhood that we both love dearly.

For 26 years, I have recounted great moments in your lives and in that of the Forge. I have adored every moment — it has truly been a labor of love. Although those years haven't felt long, a quarter of a century is a long time. It is, I feel, the perfect time to bid farewell to you, my friends. How often I will remember the delight I had in writing about our fun times at the community picnics, association meetings, block parties, school events, etc. I will cherish these memories and our close friendships, which will continue. I have certainly chronicled the tenures of numerous Rodgers Forge Community Association presidents and witnessed many changes in the Forge.

I became the neighborhood columnist for Rodgers Forge in 1988, when the previous columnist was unable to continue. I was the editor of the Rodgers Forge Newsletter (as it was then called) and the RFCA President Bob McGrain called and said "Sheila, I spoke to then-editor Jonathan Witty — you would be a natural." What a joy ride it has been ever since!

Since that time, I have been wrapped in the kindness of the Towson Times staff. Everyone has been wonderful to work for and with. It was so long ago that I have forgotten some of the names but I know that Paul Milton, Angie Bornemann, Jim Joyner and, now, Elizabeth Eck have been splendid editors and marvelous mentors. It was an absolute pleasure to be a member of their team.

My friends, you have always given me great support and brought sunshine to my days. You have always been there with your news, your love and your loyalty. I now close the book on an extremely happy chapter in my life and I bid all of you a very fond farewell. Karen, I hope that you will be as happy as I have been.

Till we meet again —

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