Rodgers Forge: For the new year, let's resolve to celebrate our community life

Happy New Year! With the dawning of 2013, hopes are high, resolutions are made and the future holds great promise.

May our hopes be realized, our resolutions kept and the future meet our expectations.

Speaking of expectations, our young neighbors certainly realized theirs when Santa visited them. In Rodgers Forge, Santa make two trips to accommodate all of the excited youngsters. We will hear more about that in a later column — and at that time, we'll also learn who won the door decorating contests in Rodgers Forge and in Gaywood.

We do know that more than 30 exuberant youngsters were on hand when Santa visited Gaywood. Due to a wet and muddy Gaywood Green, Santa changed his plans and greeted the children on the front lawns of the co-chairs' houses.

This impromptu setting worked well, as the lawns of Erin Yaggy and Tricia Hayden were the perfect venue. The youngsters enjoyed the snacks and loved having their picture taken with Santa. They also had great fun with Kristy Knuppel's cup stacking activity as they waited to tell Santa their Christmas wishes.

Santa, who often relies on helpers, was grateful to Tom Mooney for once again stepping in for him. This is the 20th year that Tom has substituted for the jolly man in red — and for those 20 years, he has thrilled young Gaywoodites.

Thank you to everyone who made Santa's visit such a success.

During the holidays, we have witnessed many more cars parked in the neighborhood — a natural occurrence due to house guests and parties. One Forge resident noticed a car parked in one of our alleys with missing registration information and contacted the Rodgers Forge Community Inc. Board of Governors.

Board member John Rinehart researched the Baltimore County Code regarding vehicles parked without registration, and passes along this information from the Baltimore County website regarding that issue.

The county states that a person may not park an unregistered vehicle or a vehicle with an expired registration on a public road, highway, street, avenue or alley — or on private property used by the public in general.

If they do, police may take possession of and remove a vehicle parked in violation by means of county equipment or by contract; and cause the vehicle to be stored either on county property or on private property by contract.

In other words, it appears cars can be towed in that circumstance.

While we're on the subject of parking, did you know that Baltimore County Code also requires drivers to leave no less than 30 inches between their vehicle and those parked in front of and behind them when parking curbside? I suppose that rule promotes a little "closeness" for the holidays.

Looking for something to do after the holiday whirl? Then attend the opening reception at the latest installment of the Ascension Lutheran Church Art in the Parlor series, 7601 York Road, on Sunday, Jan. 6, from noon to 2 p.m. The paintings of Phyllis Spirit and Shirley Neale will be on exhibit beginning that day and continuing through March 1. Gallery hours are Monday through Friday, noon to 4 p.m.

Till we meet again ...

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