Neighbors show democratic spirit at postcard party [Rodgers Forge]

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Neighbors show democratic spirit at postcard party

Katy and Conrad Deitrick, of Regester Avenue, recently exercised their civic duty and democratic right by hosting a postcard party for interested community members who wanted to send concerns or encouragement to elected officials in local, state and federal government positions.

Erin Hagar, Megan Shirk, Amy Miller, Janet Weller, Jessica Watkins and her mom, Beth Oliver, all of Regester Avenue, along with Debi Keating, of Pinehurst Road; Rachel Morris, of Dumbarton Road; Dillon Seyler, of Murdock Road; Theresa Kohler, of Old Trail Road; Lisa Beyer, of Blackburn Court; and Morgan and Reilly Hylton, of Hopkins Road, participated. Oliver Deitrick, 10, also had a thing or two to write. In all, close to 100 postcards were written, signed and sent to dozens of public officials for just as many reasons — whether to appeal to our federal officials to consider the future of our children's public education, to thank our state legislators for their hard work on our behalf, or to implore county officials to reconsider approval for a drive-through at the proposed Starbucks at York Road and Regester Avenue.

Speaking about the Starbucks drive-through, a group of parents led by Karen Burgess, of Regester Avenue, tied 200 colorful ribbons to the fence surrounding the construction site as a visual cue to passersby of what 200 community children crossing at that intersection twice a day, five days a week, ten months a year to get to school, looks like. They also erected signs explaining their concerns and the purpose of the ribbons. The group meets regularly to brainstorm ways to impress upon the county how the safety of our children is our priority and should also be a priority of county officials. Anyone interested in learning more about the cause can check out their page.

Gail Shapira, the beloved Rodgers Forge Elementary School nurse, is at it again this year. She has written and will direct the spring school musical. The Mystery of the Phone Booth is a mix of Scooby Doo crossed with Dr. Who. Sixty-six fourth and fifth grade students will perform their little hearts out on May 5 and 6, so stay tuned for more. Each year the cast increases and each year Nurse Shapira rewrites to include a role for all who want a piece of the limelight.

Do you know of some good that is happening around our community that you would like to share? About your neighbor, your child, your partner, yourself? I'm always interested in hearing your inspirational stories. Send me an email and I'll include it here.

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