Take your mind off school -- go to community movie night [Rodgers Forge]

Now that our Rodgers Forge and Gaywood students are back to school, we wish them the very best, whether they are continuing in the same school or have begun the next level of their education. May this year meet their expectations and may each succeed in all of their endeavors.

Our area schools produce such splendid students because of the superb faculty, excellent staff and overwhelming support from the parents, most notably their presence as volunteers in the schools. The various PTA's and PTSA's assemble this assistance and organize it. Congratulations to the West Towson Elementary School PTA Officers for 2013-2014. These dedicated parents are president, Molly Chocko; 1st vice president, Kate Buchanan; 2nd vice president; Carl Buhlman; secretary, Julie Miller-Breetz; and treasurer, Karina Quinn. In addition, Gaywood's Dawn Katz and Kristy Knuppel are co-chairing the environmental committee and chairing the book fair, respectively. We noted the Dumbarton Middle School PTSA's officers in a previous column and will include the Rodgers Forge Elementary, St. Pius X and Towson High schools' associations as we receive them.

We would also like to send belated congratulations and best wishes to Kobe Justin Brown, who graduated from St. Pius X School in June. The loving guidance and support of his legal guardian, Forger Tim Tinker, and St. Pius teacher Ms. Sheri Massa, have enabled Kobe to enroll at Towson High School. Kobe is now happily beginning his freshman year at Towson as a member of the JV football team! In a subsequent column, we will tell you the heartwarming story of how the bond between Kobe and Tim evolved.

Some of our students find the academic environment a delight while others find it daunting. Either way, a respite is always welcome and the Rodgers Forge Community Association (RFCA) has just the "ticket" —- the association's second free movie night on Sept.13. This month's feature is "Rise of the Guardians" and will, no doubt, play to a packed Tot Lot! The movie begins after sunset but it is wise to arrive an hour before that in order to secure a good spot. Please bring sleeping bags or blankets — and your RFCA membership card for a free gift. Concessions for popcorn, drinks and snacks will be available for a small fee.

In order to support these movies and the numerous other free activities that the RFCA holds, it is necessary to have funds. And that money comes from your dues. The mere $25 that each household is asked to contribute yearly enables the association to fund the holiday parties, COP program, Dumpster Day, Safe Routes to School programs, Tree Rodgers Forge project, community picnic and on and on.

Not only does it allow the RFCA to provide services to you, but it helps you to save money. When you pay your $25 dues, you receive a membership card. This card, when presented, entitles you to receive discounts on purchases made at these neighboring retailers: York Road-Belvedere Cleaners, Uncle Wiggley's, Well's Discount Liquors, Gordon Florist and Yoga on York and, in surrounding areas,: Woodbrook Exxon (Charles Street), Charlesmead Pharmacy (Bellona Avenue) and Pinehurst Wine Shoppe (Bellona Avenue).

The July issue of the Rodgers Forge News has more information on the discounts. To date, almost 900 households have contributed dues – a fantastic showing – keep it up!

Till we meet again —

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