Community spirit runs high at Rodgers Forge picnic

Happiness reigned supreme at the Rodgers Forge Community picnic. On June 8, the tot lot triangle and environs teemed with smiling, laughing and fun loving Forgers.

This family day was a mecca for children and the long lines preceding each attraction proved it. Pony rides, caricatures, a bounce house, a balloon artist, professional face painting and a fire truck all made for a very exciting day. Scattered among these attractions were Rodgers Forge related booths, including the RFCA booth and the Rodgers Forge Garden Club booth. A tasty menu at the food table provide a delectable respite and perfect venue to "recharge batteries" for the afternoon races.

The Limbo was a great prelude to the races and Cody Tenet took 1st place. DJ Dan, from the Music Masters and a former Forger, certainly knew how to call those potato sack races; why we thought we were at Pimlico! Some of them were pretty close but the discerning eye of board member Nick Wijtenburg pinpointed the winner. This contest was fun for all, including Kate, Julia and Evan Sirota. The winners were Colin Wagner and Victoria Schofield (age 6-9category), Millie Remmel (10-14), Tyler Crockett (15-17) and Richard Fryehel and John Burke for the adult sack races. Also spotted in the adult races was Councilman David Marks, who certainly made a fine showing. He later chatted with Del. Steve Lafferty, a picnic faithful.

A summer favorite, the watermelon eating contest, drew a big crowd. There were again children and adult categories. Abbey Creech (6-9) and Cece Kastner (10-14) won the children's contests and Joe May was the adult winner. Picnic chair David Crockett took a hiatus to join sons Tyler and Max in the adult contest. They were heartily cheered on by wife and mom Peg,

This terrific picnic closed with free ices from Rita's! What could be finer?

This jolly day got even better as we talked to the merry picnickers. Ian and Melissa Webster were having lots of fun with twin daughters, Emery and Karaline. Ian grew up in the Forge and he and Melissa felt that it was the perfect place to raise their girls.

Seth Hall was minding 5-month-old Charlotte Rose while wife Missy and 3 ½ year old Catherine visited the balloon artist.

Susan Millard and Cormac Masters loved the new location.

CFA President Stu Sirota was snapping away as was former president Jennifer Helfrich.

New neighbors (2 months), Shashank, Sarita and son Garu Hegde were having lots of fun. "This is the perfect place to get to know our neighbors" Shashank said as he joined the adult's watermelon contest.

Sina and Charlie Cook and sons Hunter, 10 and Sam, 7, were celebrating six years in the Forge-to the day! "We just love it here. Neighbors can count on each other and we like the 'old fashioned feel" they exclaimed. We might add that Charlie isn't far from home as he grew up in Gaywood, son of Susie and stepfather, Bill Hunter.

We spotted Gaywoodites, Kristy Knuppel and Joe Garonzik enjoying the picnic.

Six-year residents Lucy Keefer, David Hanaver and Elliott Kolberg, 10, said they appreciated "what the picnic does each year to bring everyone together".

A Forger since 2005, Allison Boyle and her three children have attended the picnic for the last three years and said she had a blast!"

"I don't have to plan play dates. The children are right here. We know all the neighbors and we feel safe. Yes, I love it here," laughed Kristin Hamilton, an 11-year resident, with her daughter, Lydia.

David Crockett planned and executed a super Rodgers Forge Community Picnic. We are all extremely grateful to him and his lovely wife, Peg, a true co-pilot. President Stu Sirota and David's other colleagues on the board all deserve a great deal of thanks for their help and support in making it a perfect picnic.

Till we meet again —

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