Community comes together to help neighbors in need [Rodgers Forge]

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Rodgers Forge comes together to help neighbors in need

Nan Fitzgerald, of Brandon Road, is a clinical social worker who learned of a family that recently moved to the area from another state to live with other family members due to financial hardship. Once settled into their new home, it became clear the children's toys had been left behind. All but a few building blocks. Since the parents are working hard just to meet the essentials of daily living, toys just weren't in the budget. So Nan sent out a request through NextDoor Rodgers Forge, asking for gently used toys. The response was overwhelming and exceptionally generous.

"The community came together to support these children and their family in an amazing fashion!" Nan said. "The toys that they received were not 'junky leftovers' from a yard sale, etc.; they are quality toys, most in pristine or very gently used condition! Due to the volume and quality of the donations, I have worked with the family to help them sort out what looks 'new' (which was a significant amount) and chose some to put away for Christmas as they will likely not have money to invest and the quantity of toys received allowed them to be reassured that Christmas was essentially 'covered,' with the exception of a few new items that they may want to purchase!"

It's important to Nan to point out that this is not a story about her; she simply requested toys and coordinated the efforts to deliver them.

In her words, "This is actually a story about the generosity, love and support that our community is willing and capable of, and the compassion and healing that will occur within this family unit. I am filled with gratitude and hope for them. Truly, the word that I can most connect with in this situation is "GRATEFUL"! Again, it was the generosity of the families within our community that made this happen! I am not able to mention anyone by name, because there were so many donations and I would not want to leave anyone out."

Leslie and Charles Hopkins, of Murdock Road, decided to take a walk to Walgreens to pick up some prescriptions when their journey was traumatically interrupted.

Charles took quite the tumble, landing face first on the sidewalk. A woman who was driving nearby witnessed the event and immediately stopped her vehicle to assist. Not only did this good Samaritan call an ambulance and render first aid as best she could under the circumstances, she also gave Leslie a ride home so she could get her car in order to meet Charles at the hospital. However, upon arriving home, it was clear that Leslie was in no condition to drive anywhere. So this amazing woman drove Leslie to the hospital, too. She went above and beyond the normal level of goodwill. Coincidentally, the guardian angel's name is also Leslie. Leslie Hardesty, a nurse who happened to drive by at the right moment. Good people are everywhere.

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