Letter: Withdrawal from Iraq has jeopardized chance for giant shift in Middle East

I was pleased when the U.S. won its war against Iraq, which hopefully meant the establishment of the first democratic nation in the Middle East. That would be an accomplishment for the whole world to behold.

The outcome placed Iraq in the category with earlier battle victims — Germany after World War I, Japan after World War II and South Korea after the Korean Conflict — where she was subject to having a U.S. standing army to assure and protect the establishment of a government by and for the people.

However, President Barack Obama made what I believe to be a great mistake when he withdrew troops from Iraq at the end of 2011 to enhance his reelection chances for 2012. I believe it to be a disaster, one that instigated a weakened U.S. Middle East strategy.

This eliminated the formation of a democratic Iraq, which resulted in returned advances of radical forces. including al Qaeda. The loss of a strong fortified Iraq also prevented the U.S. from being able to come to the rescue of our government personnel stationed in Benghazi, Libya. This was indeed a disgrace.

With the same U.S. regime in power for the next four years, one can understand why numerous citizens, me included, have deep concerns related to our foreign policy endeavors.

Quinton D. Thompson


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