Letter: If we ban guns, how about other objects that do harm in society?

Regarding Daniel K. Hay's recent letter in the Towson Times ("Could it be time to amend, or repeal, the Second Amendment?), I would like to address some points that he raised about gun control, and question what would happen if we took the same approach concerning other aspects of "modern" civilization.

The founding fathers lived in an era in which there was horse and carriage transportation. Today's vehicles cost thousands of lives and are used to aid criminals fleeing from the scene of a crime. Does this mean that we should outlaw the use of vehicles by our citizens?

We have drunken driving deaths, hit and run deaths, and high teenage death. Should we suspend the population's ability to own and operate vehicles? That is the same narrow-minded knee jerk response every time there is a firearm death in this country.

The most obvious and glaring rebuttal of Mr. Hays' letter is the City of Chicago. Chicago has the toughest restrictions on firearms in the country, limiting them only to the place of residence of the gun owner.

How is the fatality rate of Chicago compared to the rest of the country? Chicago is one of the most violent cities in the entire country with homicide rates that are outrageous and out of control. Would you want your town, city, township to have the same level of violence as that of Chicago? How can you be for something like that?

I choose to live in a free society where I can defend myself and property with a firearm as well as hunt to provide food for my table.

Matthew Mekonis



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