Black Student Union about heritage; WSU is not [Letter]

I was a bit confused by the letter Jeff Nelson wrote regarding the need for a White Student Union at Towson University.

For the record, "white" is how most people would describe me. That's no more a part of my heritage than the fact that my eyes are blue.

Now I claim no particular expertise in racial matters, but it seems to me that being black comes with a heritage, much more so than being white.

White people in the U.S. were spared slavery, Jim Crow, segregation and having to struggle for equal rights. Black people were not. Much of what I imagine a black person's heritage to be is the direct result of their struggle (then as now) against these inequalities and their ongoing effects.

I'm not sure that two advertisements on TV are indicative of American white males (Mr. Nelson only mentions us white males) being disenfranchised "across the U.S." I checked the 2010 Census and found that whites account for 72.4 percent of the entire population. I feel pretty well enfranchised by that fact.

If Mr. Nelson really feels the need for a club for white males, there's plenty to choose from already. All he has to do is do a web search of the phrase "white power" and a whole slew of such clubs will pop up. I bet most of them will also state that it's all about heritage and not hate.

Patrick Sheridan


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