Statement that white men 'disenfranchised' is ludicrous [Letter]

Over the past few weeks, I have quietly waited for someone to write in a sensible argument regarding the issue of the White Student Union at Towson University.

I can no longer remain quiet. Let us remind ourselves of a few facts. White people are still in the majority in this country and on the campus of TU. Black people are still in the minority in this country as well as on the campus of TU.

Lest we forget the atrocities that have been committed against our black brothers and sisters in this country. Racism still exists!

The Black Student Union was established in order to empower black students on TU's campus, which only comprises approximately 8 percent of the student body. As for the gentleman who wrote into this paper stating that "across the U.S., white males are being disenfranchised," I urge you to rethink your statement. The true definition of disenfranchised is "deprived of power/groups of people who are stripped of power."

I think most readers would agree that using the word disenfranchised to describe white men in this country is ludicrous and laughable.

Amy Nicholson


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