Loch Raven Elementary is far from 'unused' [Letter]

I was so disappointed to see the headline that went along with a letter in your Oct. 2 edition of the Towson Times: "Use historic unused building to address schools overcrowding." Riborg Norman does not say that the building is unused. In fact, it is used daily for a variety of purposes: Village Tiny Tots has classes daily, dance classes, the building houses the offices of the Greater Loch Raven Recreation Council, the senior center, various martial arts and other exercise classes are held. Mommy and Me occurs every Friday, dog training sessions are held in the gym and the list goes on.

To use the term "unused" is exceptionally misleading by the Times. The old Loch Raven Elementary school building is used and loved by many, many people.

Thea Mussman

Loch Raven Village

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