There's plenty of time to discuss school plans for Bykota [Letter]

Since the announcement that the Bykota Senior Center site is now a preferred site for a new elementary school, I have received many questions about how the location would be developed.

We are several years away from a school being built. Funding must still be allocated by the state and county governments, and there is still an extensive design and engineering process. I have been shown no plans for the site.

No one is suggesting that the playground and playing fields should be eliminated. In fact, it makes sense to incorporate these neighborhood amenities into the new school design. Since the location is small, my personal observation is that the building will need to be multi-leveled, creatively designed, and reflect the likelihood that there may be a significant number of walkers or bikers, allowing for less parking.

I will do my best to ensure that both the community and the Bykota Senior Council are fully engaged over the next several years.

Councilman David Marks

5th District

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