TU to Rodgers Forge: We understand unease on softball project [Letter]

Last spring, Towson University was appropriated capital funding by the Maryland General Assembly to bring our softball facility in compliance with Federal Title IX law, which requires that our women's field be comparable to the existing baseball stadium. In the coming months we will renovate Towson's 35-year-old softball field. The planned improvements will bring our facility in compliance with Title IX law, meet NCAA post-season standards, address the community's current noise concerns, and improve student-athlete and spectator safety.

We understand that there is some unease about this project within the Rodgers Forge neighborhood. The 2009 Towson University Arena Expansion Memorandum of Understanding with Rodgers Forge states that the university will seek community input when proposing major renovation projects adjacent to the community. In accordance with the Arena MOU, last November Towson hosted a community meeting prior to beginning the project design. Following the meeting, Towson's staff took the community's concerns and input back to the design firm and acousticians to incorporate in the facility's improvements.

On March 18 and April 18, with the design process still underway, Towson met with Stanmore Road representatives, who requested three additional projections for alternative locations and orientations of the facility. We have made several of the accommodations presented at the meetings. A feasibility study of the last alternative location is currently underway.

The dialogue between the university, community representatives and elected officials remains constant. We appreciate that any renovation to university facilities may bring concerns from our neighbors. We will seek input and make whatever accommodations we can throughout the process. The final design will ultimately meet all Title IX and safety requirements, be inclusive of community feedback, and remain on budget.

Maravene Loeschke, president

Towson University

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