Area has lost talented Dr. Midei because some wanted to benefit financially [Letter]

The old adage that "Justice is blind" has never had more meaning to me then when I heard the Baltimore County jury decision against Dr. Mark Midei.

I have never been a patient of Dr. Midei, but I attribute my being alive today to his knowledge and professionalism. When the hospital was ready to send me home, Dr. Midei intervened and recommended more testing to make sure that I didn't have serious artery blockage. His recommendation probably saved my life. The blockage was serious, and the next day I had three by-pass surgeries performed by another truly great doctor, Dr. Stewart Finney. If it hadn't been for Dr. Midei, however, I would probably have gone home and never made it back to the hospital.

Following my by-pass surgery, I entered a rehab program in which cardiac patients are closely monitored while working out in a gym that is jointly run by St. Joseph Medical Center and Towson University. While in that program, I met quite a few people who received stents from Dr. Midei — all of whom had nothing but good things to say about the doctor. Baltimore County has lost a highly talented doctor because a small number of people hoped to gain financially — and convinced others to join them in a lawsuit. Ours and other counties would be better off with more doctors like Mark Midei and, in my opinion, fewer lawyers.

Mike Geraghty


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