Towson U.'s responsibility to the community [Letter]

Being a rather new resident to the Rodgers Forge area, I am becoming more acclimated to my new surroundings and yet I have found it very intriguing how Towson University has become so unresponsive to our community. As I make my way early in the morning to the "Y" to exercise, I am always baffled as to why the TU stadium lights are always on. Even during some of our snowstorms, the lights were on. I wrote the community affairs department with no response received. I read in our community blog other complaints have been raised without a resolution put in place. Then I have read about a "Memorandum of Understanding" that is being ignored. Now there are changes to the a softball field that has raised concerns of our community.  

The community relations newsletter discusses TU events and has many articles about the student's responsibilities in the community.  How about the administrators stepping up and taking their own responsibility to the community?

Hugh Delaney

Rodgers Forge 

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