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Utilize Loch Raven Elementary as a magnet school [Letter]

As a Loch Raven resident, resident, I would like to comment on use of the Loch Raven Elementary School building. As long as I can remember, the building has been used as a recreational center for kids, Head Start, co-op tots and seniors, so stating the building is unused is misleading to people who don't live in the area.

I, too, agree the building should be utilized as a school. However, moving kids who don't live in the village to utilize the building is incomprehensible. Loch Raven Village East and West side residents could benefit from it being utilized as a school. However, we have to the mindful of all residents involved.

A use of the school is to utilize it as another magnet offering language and arts.That would give parents in the Towson area (Stoneleigh, Rodgers Forge, Loch Raven Village, Hampton) more options of schools for their children.

Cathy Chase

Loch Raven Village

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